Moneyfy your Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Corporate/Agents

Created on 16 January, 2023 | Real Estate | 253 views | 1 minutes read

How to multiply growth of your inbound marketing sales using Moneyfybusiness tools

In today’s digital world the way that businesses across industries market themselves changed. Brands no longer rely on outbound marketing tactics to achieve their goals. Instead, inbound marketing is taking lead in the the real estate marketing world and your competitor's are making success stories with 5x growth in the industry.


आकर्षित होकर आया कस्टमर ज्यादा फैयदेमन्द होता है  

Real estate marketing was traditionally focused on pushing advertisements towards a large unknown audience with a massive advertising network. That outbound strategy doesn’t work as well anymore, you need an inbound strategy where customers will be attracted to your scheme and right in time when they are visiting your website. You have been spending a huge amount on advertising in print, the web and other media channels but you are not available 24/7 on your website to know what they are looking find out. 

Here, is helping you to become your virtual sales agent and ensuring your customers do not go without the right information at the right time. This will increase the chance of closing the sales fast. That means businesses need to go beyond and beyond to attract, engage, and convert the right customers by making conversation. is a conversation tool that ensures the right notification with custom messages are pushed to the customer when visiting your website. Your website is the only door which your customer is going to trust to buy high-profile luxury or needful properties.

You can start moneyfying your real estate business now

Updated on 16 January, 2023